an opinion paragraph by: logan

my brothers' messy room
i think my brothers' room is so messy because everytime friends are over i hear BAM! and their room is a train wreck! after that my brothers have no friends. then- one day while i'm doing my homework BAM! my brother was like a cannon. he threw stuff everywhere. that's how my brothers' room is messy.


my mother's day

courtesy of my boys


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help wanted

ok, ashley, this one's for you! i'm going to try and make it non-emotional and just a plee for help! you're so sweet to ask about my bottles, yes, that was a picture of one on the last blog and you have always been a huge supporter of them....thank you, thank you! my plea of help is that you and everyone else continue asking me about them and have i done aything else with them. i have so been sitting on the pot about ideas i have in my head and i really want to stop procrastinating and make at least one new idea happen soon. so here's the plan...i will have moved forward in some direction with emmageorge. i really like this plan b/c it's vague. expectations aren't set too high (ok, so maybe not at all), one thing at a time;) but i am sooo grateful that any of you still inquire about my little venture. next, maybe i should have some kind of deadline in mind. hmm...maybe by the end of summer. b/c summer is all vacation right? no worries, nothing to interfere with the plan except the pool boy bringing me my margarita every now and then. the three children who will be with me 24 hours a day, seven days a week will not be an issue at all. so, deanna i'm taking your lead...you dreamed it and look at you now! you can also look at her at:
On another note, this past week has kind of been emotional in manys ways for several people in my life. i am really inspired by these people. so here are my 3 things today:
*seeing friends be there for one another
*jenn getting married
*finding my five year anniversary video from fred (can you remember 5 years ago for yourself? amazing what happens...i had just found out i was going to have fisch. then, i remember fred crying and maybe not tears of joy yet;) )



...it's everywhere, oprah, books, the secret...why not truely add it to my own life? i have been trying recently before i go to bed or when i wake up the think of at least 3 things to give gratitude for. It's so easy! and you know that's the biggest blessing of all! things are always so crazy and hectic and usually seem hard or frustrating or impatience keeps rearing its ugly head.
fischer's sweet little raspy voice talking to me about 'important stuff'; logan wearing his mavs shirt to bed to continue a winning streak and as we sit there he's sneeking in for a hug that seem to becoming fewer and fewer; jack reminding me immediately this morning that we must start on a birthday banner for nana and being so proud of it and the manners he used when he spoke to her on the phone, what a sweet boy:) then there's fred, taking off early every nite to take the kids to practice!i'm so excited! i know it's hard with work but the most grateful aspect i have is that he's there for them b/c that's where he wants to be.
yesterday fred wanted to take us all to dinner b/c i finally accepted a job...yeah (he's just so grateful he doesn't have to hear about it anymore;) ) and it was a dinner i just loved! it being at cantina laredo helped tremendously but, we had such a fun time as a family!YEAH!!! no yelling, no whining, they were traded with laughing and listening and compliments...do you hear the angels singing?
i know i sound so silly but i am the most impatient person in the world in every aspect and fred's the poor witness to it. but what i'm trying to get to is that i'm truely understanding the purpose of patience and how it works with God's plan. By knowing that God's love never changes and that he is forgiving is helping me to sit back a little more and live the life that is in front of me and not the one i'm searching for . you miss soooo much when you're looking for tomorrow and losing the gratitudes of today. ok, totally rambling but her are my 3 for today:
***watching my boys find each other after school and make it home together as a team and as buddies
***watching fischer bring smiles to several people today who really needed a smile
***watching fred take the boys to hit balls in the rain even though he had so much work to do but he didn't care about the work part :)
***being able to spend time with my dad, of course selfishly for me but, also for the boys
***last but not least i have to add gratitude for my friends who listen to me drone on and on about blah, blah, blah and act like they care;) but also for the friends who trust me with their own tales and secrets and lives. God has blessed me with such precious relationships in family and friends:)
hope i didn't bore. just trying to figure this peaceful life thing out :)