they really do love me!

my poor, poor children! yet again they have let me take scissors and clippers to their precious little heads. i know, you must be laughing your heads off. they love me so much that they willingly sacrifice their scalps to fulfill their pitiful mother's secret dream of being a hair stylist! i really, really stink at it too;) shocked, huh? but nothing makes you smile more than when you hear one of the children you just tortured by grabbing his face in a manner that no real stylist would just so i could try to get some sort of good angle to buzz away (fred got a kick out of this maneuver!), and this is also the child who cries could be heard for miles b/c his awesome stylist offered no shelter for his bare back from the prickly ape-like hair that continued to fall and scar his body...after soaking in the tub and calming down, he looks at me and as honestly and as sincere as he could be says, "you're the best mom ever in the whole world! you're the best parents ever!" all fred and i could do was smile b/c we feel like the luckiest parents ever.
like i've been reading and watching so much about lately...it is all about the little simplest things in life. everyday continues to grow more crazy and hectic only b/c we enable it to be that way. if i could just try a little more each day to be so grateful for what is right in front of me in the most basic form...God, family and friends....sweet dreams....


relaxing weekend...not!

it started with 4 games...jack and fischer had baseball @ 11 (it was fisch's first game and too funny!) then hurry home for lunch and to change for jack's soccer game @ 2 and lo's baseball game @ 2:40. thank goodness lo's soccer game @ 11:30 was cancelled! next we rushed home to pack to meet the scouts for camping. it was at lake ray roberts, north of denton, and we had a great time! we actually slept in a tent this time instead of a gazebo and no one go their head stepped on. miracles do happen!:) the kids had so much fun riding bikes and scooters and running around free like crazies! it's so rare you can let them have freedom any more. we had a scout meeting, made smores, went on a night walk and fisch loved the 'present' moon (crescent). we are definitely going to try and squeeze more of this into our schedules. my only condition is that if the weather can be guaranteed to be as beautiful as it was yesterday...ha! i couldn't wait to get home and shower and take a nap! the boys just jumped in the pool to clean off...chlorine counts right?! now it's off to bbq with friends and start the week of practices and games all over again. :)


3 boys

life with 3 boys, ok 4, is non-stop action, literally.
from hockey
and basketball and sports center before school even starts to
experiments (usually as i blink), to swimming, to a 3rd snack, to
baseball, soccer and t-ball.i'm here, fred's there...maybe we'll see each other for bedtime prayers! oh and there's a little bit of whining
and crying always to make things really pleasurable. these are my fave
pics to show the boys when things get really bad. but in the end it's
so much fun to see fisch play t-ball like a pro with his shades and super smooth run and lo gaining confidence with each practice and game and to have fred and jack spend some time together. it's all good:)


i'm gonna try this again!

alright. i'm a total slacker with this blog thing but, with the coaxing of friends i'm going to try again to give little blurbs of our life for all to read about and for my kids to maybe have as memories one day.
today was pretty normal...craziness in the morning, rushing so noone got tardies, made it through the school day, come home and eat the entire pantry, and hey, why not go for a swim in the freezing pool?! the crazies all jumped in and swam and then treated themselves to freeze pops like it was 100 degrees outside not 60.
then we went to see grandpa ed at karin's house. the new swing set was a hit. miss audrey spent the evening bossing us all..."alright! okay?" pretty cute. while elliott was only happy when food was immediately in his mouth, reminds me of another fatty i used to know...jack:)
well, time to make the bed and slide in it. here are pics from the dip in the pool.