family game night.

ahhh. the joy of monopoly...

sorry parker brothers, i'm not a fan. i've tried since i was a little girl, but you stress.me.out. maybe it's the too close parallel between real and imaginary life spending for me. or the fact that the volume of voices when playing is at an all time high and always sound defensive and high-pitched. or the fact that the game NeVER seems to end, i don't know.
i snapped this photo after i couldn't take it anymore and stomped off in true mama kat fit fashion when another episode of whoever smelt it dealt it snuck into this marathon event. the dogs even seemed to participate in this game.
i do have to give you kudos though for engaging these 4 fellows:(as pictured from left to right)

  • the-plaid-jacket-wearing-slick-used-car-salesman-who's-constantly-screaming,"WHaT?!"-because-he's-too-busy-trying-to-swindle-someone-to-notice-someone-else-has-landed-on-his-property-and-the-next-person's-gone-so-he-doesn't-get-paid-guy
  • the-always-calculating-i'm-gonna-regret-that-move-aren't-i-and-i-will-NEVeR-let-ANY-detail-of-this-or-any-game-go-unnoticed-guy
  • the-eternal-grand-master-of-the-bank-and-we-don't-need-the-stinkin-rules-cause-i-make-them-real-estate-risk-taker-guy
  • the-sure-i-only-have-4-bucks-left-and-build-motels-in-the-hood-but-will-somehow-manage-to-whip-your-butts-because-i've-been-running-a-black market-pencil-ring-in-my-locker-at-school-guy 

good times, my friends. good times.

gotta love boys.


thank you, margaret elizabeth.

more things change in 19 years than just your body...
enter my prom dress from 1991.
of course a big night out is just another reason to shop for a girl...anything is a reason to shop for a girl, right?! apparently not 19 years later. ReALLY dreading the thought of trying on dress after dress for a super fancy one time event is not even remotely exciting anymore...it's dreadful. my body is different, i know i'll never where the dress again and when i look at the price tags all i really see is sports registration fees, camp registrations, my costco and sam's receipts & anything else that pertains to three crazy monkeys and a dog that continues to eat things that aren't food.
am i boring or what?!
well, i saw this sparkly thing in the closet, tucked my skin and stretched out parts into some spanx and AMAZING, it still fits!
and even better... no $ spent and had a blast with my original prom date (hubba hubba) and family watching my amazing sister-in-law light up the room and keep us in awe again!

thank you betsy for always bringing the life to everything, especially this old dress, but more importantly, always to our hearts!
we love you and are so proud of you!

ps socks were not part of the actual night-out attire.
i'm not that lame...

yet ;)