dear birthday.

thank you.

these guys were amazing!
there was no fighting and they even took the standard self-time birthday pic with no fuss :)
{well, almost...}

a lot of thinking in my head on this day of 39.
which, for those who know me well,
is a scary thought considering how much over-thinking i already do.

i feel very much like i've been a broken record for the past year...
"i am just SO ready for
this year to be over!"

i've said this in almost every aspect of my life for a year.
and every time i hear it leave my mouth,
i truly mean it and want to take it back at the same time.

i won't bore you with all the details and be poor.pitiful.pearl
and list all of things that
sucked, broke, went wrong or scared the buh-jeezus out of me.

instead, here's what it boils down to:

if i can't learn to do this, life will always be uphill.
and, as jack told me, bright and early this birthday morning...
you're thrity-nine!
today, you are officially on top of the hill!

i can't let him down now, can i!



when i close my eyes...

this is what i see:

so thankful for eyelids!
happy sigh.
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