dear life.

you are kind of amazing.
you're up, then you're down. you're a little silly and sometimes sad. you go by way faster than intended in this hurry-up-and-get-in-the-car, hurry-up-and-get-your-shoes-on, hurry-up-we're-gonna-miss-it world we live in.
with age, i finally feel like i'm starting to appreciate you the way you were intended... with family and friends, with no agenda, learning from the smiles and tears that touch our hearts, treasuring God's creations around us.

on the way home from a great vacation, that sadly, we wanted to hurry up and get here for the previous 300-ish days...i found one of those simple moments to treasure and learn from. after finally taking the driver's seat on our way home for sweet chelsea and brad's wedding, i looked over at mister.
this was playing.

i looked back at the three monkeys.
heart full. butterfies.
totally corny i know. and of course, when i have an abundance of emotions of ANY sort, what will i do friends?
(response in unison) TaLK :)
"hey mister, if we got married right now. this would be our first dance."
pretty sure he was sleeping, but i did get a smile.

hours later, laughing and experiencing a beautiful wedding with the boys for two people with a story not too different than our own...


life, thank you.

after stealing my camera and quickly returning it with a huge smile, this was taken from the point of view from one of my midgets...
i think he might get it :)



dear vay-cay-shun,


it's only been like TwO hours, but we decided we like you.

it's been quite a while since i've ventured into blogland, believe me, i've had plenty
swirling in my lost-cause of a head, but life has managed to come first...as it actually should.

here are some reasons why you are so great:

-we get to eat circus peanuts.

-you allowed me to rock this guy's world when i so awesomely
got 'the ticket' to stream throughout the car through my phone...

-i get to actually JuST BE with these guys and the beach and mister and eat LotS of spectacular, yummy, totally-not-good-for-you, random food...

one of the only pitfalls you possess is having to leave this sweet, allergies-so-bad-i'm-losing-my-hair-and-look-homeless poopy dog behind...

mosby and 'buddy' tried so hard to help us pack :)

okay, pitstop's a-callin'...check back with you soon.

peace out,