dear really sleepy head mister.

here's the reason i couldn't go to bed....

i stumbled onto this sweet anniversary gift you made for me a long time ago {kleenex ready?}

i am so blessed and grateful
that God put you in my life.
that we have this little family.
that we have other family.
we have awesome friends.
and we can't forget ThE BeST dogs.
all to share and make memories with.

i have so very easily sadly forgotten
about this perspective
and way of viewing life.
things move way too fast for
all the pressure and the worry.

it's time to truly live through
faith, joy, hope, perseverance
and not being afraid
to simply...stop.

check the balance of things.

making mistakes{sometimes BIG ones}.
priorities out of whack.
these are human things.
they can actually help
to make us better people
and improve our lives.
it is just our job to communicate,
listen, learn and grow together.
so easy peasy, right?!
:) heehee...
i guess i should add
it's good every now and then
to laugh at ourselves too.

thank you, mister.
{hope i didn't keep you up all night!}