4 teeth lost in the past 3 days. mood swings. camp-outs. closed doors. chats/e-mails. inside jokes with friends. contacts/not glasses. girlfriends/no girlfriends. none-of-your-business. changing voice. dirty clothes...everywhere. 6th grade rules! a furry best friend/alarm clock. you-can't-make-me-get-up! i'm not wearing that! everyone else has a phone. saxophone. the mohawk.

i'm thinking these are a few of the things that may have caused the writer's block on june 7, 2010.
i remember eleven. i loved it. i'm just not sure i want you to love it quite yet.
not fair, huh?
i'm sorry, but i'm just not quite ready for you to grow-up and want less and less to do with me.
but, because i trust you and because i love you and because i am proud of you, i guess,
i have no choice.

it's fun to talk to you. i like to watch you make decisions. i giggle when i look down and know that even though you know how, that you'll always have one shoe untied and not bother to tie it. hopes that one day your shirt will not also be a napkin. sharing more 'i get it!' toy story moments.

just maybe, i'll have to use these as a few excuses to celebrate eleven.

happy (a tad bit belated) birthday little lolo logan! :)



dear john.

thank you 
for our own personal,
classic commercial,
father/sons moment
that will be remembered by all of my boys,
and to borrow a quote from Michael "Squints" Palledorous in
one of the all-time greatest movies, 


ps. you may also have made this mom's heart melt just a little...  :)