"in your face, mom!"

i've never been happier to hear those words :)
after all my complaining and dread, cheers to my boys for rising to the challenge of doing science fair with their procrastinator mother and coming out on top.
thank you for teaching me!
i shall eat crow for dinner.
mama kat



dear it's-required-and-we're-taking-a-grade-science-fair-people.

i am NoT your number one fan! okay, so maybe i am a science teacher. so maybe i do love the scientific method and experiments and making mistakes and learning from them and getting messy and wearing super-goobery goggles and my black rubber boots and cute aprons, BUT i do not now nor ever did like the science fair. i am pretty close to loathing it or as my close friend, senor thesaurus, would say, i feel repugnance toward it.
not sure if you're aware of this, i'm somewhat of a professional crastinator
professional crastinator - one who waits until the very last second to do anything, but still gets it done. one who will do anything and everything he/she can to put off work, including writing definitions into the Urban Dictionary. one who procrastinates in every aspect in his or her life.[shout out to urban dictionary :)]

 apparently, the pain of having to turn one of these suckers in does not go away after you graduate!
yeah, yeah...i love my kids, i definitely chose to have them & completely understand what a gift and blessing each one is (i really do mean that!), but because of them  
you stress me out! it is pretty much a fact that i can never do the same thing twice or at least not even remotely in the same way...have you been to my house?! the floor plan is different every week! have you ever known me to have the ability to do something by-the-book or follow rules ever? do you realize what you have just now passed on to my three children? or really what won't be passed on?
phew. i feel a little better getting that off my chest. thanks.
well i'll have you know that i'm really trying to overcome my disability somehow....maybe i'll start by making a list of new, fresh science fair project ideas...

  • how many science fair projects does it take to send my mom to the looney bin?
  • how many loads of clean laundry do you need to dump in a pile before they fold themselves and put themselves away?
  • which is more painful: the thought of cleaning the bathrooms, the thought of no diet coke, the thought of ever being a den leader again, or the thought of a clown coming straight at you?

those are just a few ideas to get a head start for next year's science fair. aren't you proud of me?!
woohoo. i am pumped!

spitefully yours,

disclaimer: aside from the above rant, i am extremely proud of my boys and their hard work on their science fair projects this year! they deserve huge extra credit or some special judges' award for having to work with me! ;)



you, jack, are nine today!!! happy birthday to my little jackie-poo-poo! this is one of my favorite pictures of you. 


your smile is shining through your eyes and your chubby cheeks and your precious blonde curls. and as betsy has pointed out, it's amazing that there is not a ball in sight! :) your are action. you are non-stop...thinking and doing. you are sports and mud and outside. you are always with bare feet :)
you are deep and curious. you remember details...a lot of details...very specific details. you love to completely involve yourself in whatever your interest is...sports, legos, cars, racetracks, sandcastles, you name it. you love to say, "okay, just one more time..." you love to play football, especially with your dog. you sometimes fight with your brothers, but will watch out for each of them and protect them with all of your might.
here's lolo doing the same for you :)

you like to dress up as yourself for halloween...

you are a fan of food just like your mom...

i was supposed to get back to you about my favorite thing about your year 8 and i have to say i think it was watching and listening to you think about your favorite things about your year 8 :)
you make me smile. you are loved and fill our lives so much. i'm amazed at how you've grown in so many ways.

happy birthday my sweet jack!!!

mama kat


a message to mister in miami from the bruddas.

remember that dad?

here is SIX years later...

can't wait to share the fun with you soon!
the knuckleheads, mama kat, the old lady, mosby-moo & pedro


missing my valentine.


fingers crossed for your new flight home tomorrow



happy friday.


i heart you sun. your light makes everything right.