he loves me...

...he loves me a lot.

better than any flower.
love you, mister :)



dear cold and flu season.


how my day began...
"umm, teacher, my tummy feels like its going to frow up..."

sanford & my new bff, lysol


dear karma.

hahaha. you are soooo funny.
jokes on me, right?

i was trying to be all funny and maybe a little jealous, pouty baby when i sent this
pathetic picture of my dinner to mister in hopes for a return picture of some 'real' meal he was devouring while on his fancy business trip. (side note: fancy = my definition of getting the heck out of dodge away from any small people i might know, any furry beasts that i may be responsible for, any toilets that have some random residue all over them b/c nobody bothers to lift the seat up around here, any clothes that won't magically clean themselves and then find their proper homes, and possibly anywhere that isn't a billion degrees with 900% humidity with nothing but outdoor sporting events in the middle of september)

why would i even be shocked when this
now-banned-to-the-outdoors member of my family took a whole 2 seconds behind my back to eat that brand new block of cheese, brand new package of luscious virginia ham deli sliced goodness, and the very last bite of cheddar cheese?
did i happen to mention that said family member had already barfed all over his kennel earlier today?

jokes on me.