dear pigeon.

thank you for helping me to face my fears.
(anyone reading this that doesn't have a clue as to my fear,
complete pigeon video and pics will be posted though out.
ps you may need a hearing aid after viewing. apologies.) 
apparently, i am deathly afraid of your type.
your beady eyes and their powerful stare,
you following me everywhere i go,
your evesdropping, you being in my house,
you turning my toilet into your backyard.
but...over the past few days
and, really, the past few weeks
my fondness of you feathered creatures has grown. (ever.so.slightly) 
however! this is by NO MEANS an invitation
to come in again and hangout while we watch man vs food our something.
if that were to occur again, you will then, my friend, become the food.
just sayin. 
to explain my change of heart or my new found courage,
i believe this sweet text from a very dear friend this morning explains how it best...
As much as you hate that bird. .......superstition says often a loved one that has
passed comes to visit in the form of a bird. Either as a farewell or a
comfort. A smile so to speak. Often they will linger in the house for a while before
leaving with ease.

tears and laughter!
i am totally with you and believe it too...just so happens jack's first words after
we realized he wasn't leaving saturday was, "hey, mom, i think he's papa frank." and
sweet boy!

embrace the bird! 
we love you, frank 
(and thank you, anne!  xoxo) 
here is:
the tale of my pigeon
on a lovely saturday afternoon, while relaxing with friends,
a lone pigeon made himself known.
realizing that this feathered creature did not seem to want to leave,
we made a few gentle efforts to help push him on his way.
after MANY attempts hurling sunglasses, bread, baseballs, nerf darts,
frisbees, and dive sticks, it occurred to us that this pigeon may be hurt.
awwwwweee. poor little guy.
no harm in letting him be for the evening.
he may need the night to rest and be on his merry way.
(or if like jack stated that evening, if it was papa frank,
surely he had seen us, said hello and could see that we were all doing okay.) 
it's now sunday morning.
he's gone, right?
sure he's not.
the days to follow were filled with as much bird drama, comedy
and action, but mostly bird poop, than one can take.
although we wished him to flee, we had now lovingly come to know him as 'major medical'.
major, you have bonded our family in ways i never knew possible.
but... if you feel you must go now.
please, shoo.
we will figure out how to deal with our broken hearts after you are gone.
in fact, i plan to invite my friends; clorex, power-washer and very-large-keg
over as soon as you leave to help heal our broken hearts.
xo, my sweet stalker.

here are a few memories of our time together
that we shall never forget.....
you can run, but you can not hide.
umm, yeah. sure there's some food for you right here in this nice little net. come on in, sir.
alright! time for the big guns (or brooms)! mama kat's makin her move.....s-l-o-w-l-y.
SUCCESS! ...and the aftermath :)

he's still here,
but back outside :)

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