dear samsung.

thank you for making a faulty product and finding every loophole not to make the inexpensive and easy fix yourself.

thank you for making me so unbelievably irritated that it would cost more to fix this few years old, 40 inch hunka rather than buy a new one.

too bad for you that i really, really, really missed my right before bed tv zone out time and was determined to fix this thing myself.
did i really just do that?
you bet your sweet self i did!

then, off to my handy dandy work bench i went.
oh, mr. soldering iron, how i've missed you so :)

fast forward about 30 minutes later (well, minus the unexpected added 20 minutes needed to go to radio shack to get new, new capacitors due to some big furry animal that decided they looked like a good snack. nice.)

and, here ladies and gentlemen, is a very happy me. zoning.


i'd like to say thank you to my fellow you tubers and radio shack for your help.
and to samsung, suck it™.

yours truly,

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