dear shannon.

never in a million years, way back when we were in jr. high and high school and you took me with your mom and peepsy to church did i ever in my wildest dreams realize what that meant...

never in those far away moments did i foreshadow the place where i would get married.
or when we were there did i realize my babies would be baptized there.

it's where i remember going to midnight service with 'eric's' family and friends....my family and friends.

the place that my kids grew up high-5-ing father jay as the went up for communion.

our home on sunday mornings for many years teaching sunday school and making new friends, little and tall.

the place where we made our own new family traditions like:
sunrise service on easter, rain or shine or strep throat or freezing temperatures....
there's nothing like it!
making our new family spot in the back row of church with the wiggly knuckleheads.
{i prefer to think of it as if we were sitting in the back of the bus. that's the best seat, right? ;) }

the place where fisch was baby jesus, fred and i were mary and joseph and the boys were shepherds for epiphany one year and on the way there one of the shepherds proceeded to upchuck all over himself in the car, yet ever so conveniently in front of walmart where we proceeded to change the shepherd just in time for his appearance and make a quick getaway.
{one of the many instances where the back row comes in handy, i might add}

okay, i'm starting to ramble, but you get the picture, right?
and randomly {or, actually, probably not} it's the place that i now also call work.

can i just say that there's no other place where you can work sometimes crazy, odd hours and feel like you're not holding it or anything at all together well, but when you take just a moment to stop and treasure who's home you are truly in...

 it's amazing

thank you for introducing me to my heart & my future...
i'm thinking you had some help from higher above :)

your sbf always

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