so really?!

this guy is ready for high school? class of 2017?
may i remind you that his parents are very young, although they may lack several spots of hair and have the combined energy level of a 100 year old turtle. really??!!! 
they are way too young and remember far too much from their own youths.
for i have heard karma is a bitch.
if that was what i believed, i'd have moved us to a dooms day bunker long ago ;)
i just can't believe this guy is going to be off and out of here in a quick bat of an eye.
i haven't had all my best times with him! so, i guess i shall look to what his future holds.
he's kinda smart and kinda witty. he gets it.
and it's been so fun to just recently really enjoy that with him.

to my little lolo,
whatever you want is yours! you pave your way.
although you might live in a barn due to your eating habits ;), you can have anything you set your mind to ahead of you.
i just ask that you refrain from ending any of your thoughts with the standard, dad-taught, "your mom."
by the time this will apply, your mom will be mental toast, yearning to be on a beach somewhere to shell and jellyfish 24/7 drowning her tears from your leaving in a pensacola wave.
your faith in yourself and your faith in God will lead you to your most amazing adventures!
in the famous words of sandra boynton, "moo, baa, la la la"
remember that and you're golden! :)
love you more!

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