dear me.

i am holding you accountable.

for the first time in FOREVER, you decided to be 'creative'/start a project/change things around.

i was kinda starting to feel like you've forgotten who you are...

you makes messes. lots of them. piles.
so frustrating and wonderful at the same time.
{mister, i am talking to myself (shocking!) so, you may not comment!}

you have really big, grand, weird ideas and talk about them a lot.
you used to find a way to follow through on them.

you procrastinate. that's when you do your best work.
you also think waaayyyy too much about things which is why procrastinating works in your favor...you don't have to re-do anything if you wait until the last minute! ;)

but for the last year or so, you are pretty much just here.
blah. life. busy. blah. existing. sigh.

i have no dramatic, deep, inspiring, wise things to say or ponder.
but instead, in the pettiest of manors, i am hereby holding you accountable to make some new messes, hoard some homeless objects, and basically create something to procrastinate about!
get out of your hormonal coma or
and do some senseless sh@t!
remember who you are.
it's so much easier that way.

you got all willy-nilly-crazy on monday when the sun came out and started these:

so, there.

i posted them.
you are now accountable to finish them.

now, i'm not going to get all crazy and give you a deadline ;)
but hope it's just a little kick in the rear.

lecture over.



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What have you done with these? You left me hanging! :)