dear husband and your honestly genuine, simple, bewildered question.

mister to me earlier today:
umm, sooo...don't take this the wrong way, mister {always a great way to start a conversation, right?},
but....{enter long pause}
umm, so is THIS {sweeps his hands pointing around the room} what the inside of your brain looks like?

oh, silly fat five...how long have we been together? and you are just asking this now? i feel like you've been living like lloyd christmas all these years thinking, "so you're saying there's a chance!" that's so cute that you continue to hold onto hope that i'll suddenly be tidy and orderly.😊

i hope this little video helps give you a tiny bit of the insight that you were looking for because this is just a teensy, weensy sliver of the bedlam that takes place 24/7 in this noggin of mine. 
twenty-four/seven. no joke🤦‍♀️😋

*warning: type a people need to watch while sitting down and probably with an adult beverage nearby.

also, i would like to dedicate this video to any and all people {you know who you are} that have ever helped me clean/organize my room, desk, apartment, kitchen or whatever so i could go out and avoid grounding in high school or just to save your own sanity so as not to have to look at my brain chaos anymore.😘



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